Land grabs: 26 essential landscape photography tips you need to know


Table of Contents0.1 Getting started1 1. Plan like a pro2 2. Use a wide-angle lens3 3. Pack with care4 4. Revisit locations4.1 Shooting tips5 5. Set up your camera6 6. Maximise sharpness7 7. Polarize the light8 8. Extend time with NDs9 9. Capture sky detail10 10. Focus on the details11 […]

The wind in your hair, a camera slung over your shoulder and a great location in mind: nothing beats getting out into the great outdoors to shoot landscape photography. 

With the right conditions to hand, a successful outdoors shoot can be an exhilarating experience. But when time is of the essence, you need to learn how to work quickly and methodically to guarantee great shots on every outing.

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