15 design tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger

Table of Contents1 1. Select glass shower doors that gleam2 2. Lighten up your grout color3 3. Great storage is essential4 4. An all encompassing design5 5. Repeat tiles on the floor and the walls6 6. Textures that will distract the eye7 7. Color up to chair rail height8 8. […]

There is an art to knowing how to make a small bathroom look bigger and if your decor ideas don’t match up to the size of your space, don’t worry, you are not alone. Tiny bathrooms are a common problem, whether you rent an apartment or are working on a smaller secondary bathroom in your forever home. You can of course have the space remodeled, but that can be expensive and will take longer also. Thankfully, there are plenty of clever design solutions you can use to make your space look and feel bigger quickly – and without spending a fortune.

Working with natural light, using tiles cleverly and finding the perfect layout is a must for all good small bathroom ideas according to experts. As is keeping windows free from fussy drapes and the entire room clear of clutter…

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